Why is my SCUF stick sticking?

Why is my SCUF stick sticking?

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Why is my SCUF stick sticking?

As any gamer knows, a quality gaming experience depends on having the right tools for the job.

In this post, I’ll take a look at one piece of hardware that can make all the difference – the SCUF gaming stick.

Designed to improve your gameplay and add an extra layer of customization, the SCUF is perfect for any gamer looking to up their game.

Your SCUF stick is sticking because of one of the following:

The surfaces in contact with your thumb and fingers are dirty or worn out. The micro-texture on SCUF grips is specifically designed for use with the patented Paddle Control System™.

Over time this micro-texture can wear off from natural use. SCUF Grip Handles come standard with a one-year warranty against any surface defect resulting from normal use during that period.

To maintain optimum performance, I recommend regularly cleaning any affected areas after every day of use.

There exist specially formulated cleaning kits consisting of a spray cleaner and scrubbing pad.

This removes built-up dirt and oils, leaving the texture intact and thus improving the performance of your SCUF controller(Amazon Link)

Alternatively, you can use a soft-bristle toothbrush, diluted window, or household cleaning solution and let it soak onto the affected area for up to 10 minutes before gently brushing away.

To keep your thumbsticks in prime condition, I recommend regularly removing them from your control mechanisms using the screwdriver tool provided with your SCUF Elite controller.

Remove both thumbsticks completely. Then clean each one separately by spraying with a formulated cleaner and brushing any dirt away with the supplied pink scrubbing pad.

How do you fix a SCUF thumbstick?

Here is how you fix a SCUF thumbstick. First, you need to get the tools for this job.

I use a rotary tool (you can use a Dremel), cutting disc, drill bit the same diameter as the SCUF shafts, round file, sandpaper, whisk, epoxy putty, ballpoint pen spring.

Then you remove the button caps and start with cutting off the joystick cap with a rotary tool.

You drill out all the three shafts on the bottom of the controller because they boast gluing in there very well.

Remove them, cut off the top part, and sand it down smoothly, so no edges or splinters remain. Then I used a round file to enlarge each hole just slightly.

Then I tested if it worked without sticking by inserting an uncut SCUF stick into one of those holes. If it does not go all the way through without resistance, your holes are too small.

Drill them out more with your rotary tool until you can push the stick through without resistance.

Then put it all back together. Now your thumbsticks will not wear out so fast because they will glide over the contact points smoothly.

Also, they feel much more responsive than before.

You can also replace worn or broken buttons with new ones by doing this same process of removal and replacement of worn-down parts on almost any controller.

I’ve already tried it on an Xbox One controller, and it worked just as well as on the SCUF.

How do you fix a sticky drift on a SCUF Vantage?

You can fix it by:

1) Locating the two screws on the back of your controller (the ones that hold it together). Remove these using a T8H screwdriver.

You can find one at any local hardware/tool store for very cheap.

2) Separate the bottom half of the controller from the top half carefully by pulling them apart at either end where you have removed a screw.

There should be a tiny rubber gasket in between both halves.

But don’t worry if it’s missing because it doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose other than stopping minor amounts of dust from entering your controller.

If you aren’t replacing your thumbsticks with new ones, you will need to transfer this gasket to the new sticks.

3) Remove your thumbsticks by pulling them out from where they get inserted at either end.

4) Turn over your analog sticks so that the flat side is facing upwards,

Take a cotton swab or soft cloth, and spray it with some isopropyl alcohol which you can buy in any drug store for very cheap.

Then gently wipe away any gunk built up on your analog stick. Just be sure not to put too much pressure when doing this, as it may damage your controller’s rubber membranes.

5) When finished cleaning both sticks properly, dry them off using another clean piece of cloth or cotton.

Swab before inserting them back into their proper slots, ensuring that they get pushed up until they click.

6) Place your controller back together by first replacing the tiny rubber gasket,

Followed by inserting your thumbsticks back into their proper locations before finally screwing your controller back together using the T8H screwdriver.

To ensure this doesn’t happen again, you can use a matte screen protector to help minimize fingerprint/sweat marks on your analog sticks, making it harder for gunk to build up.

Why is my analog stick stuck?

Your analog stick is stuck because of dirt and debris trapped beneath it. You should use the stick on a single axis.

Still, it can sometimes become stuck in an almost “on-off” state where pushing the stick slightly diagonally will allow it to travel further than expected before stopping suddenly.

This means that if you’re playing games like Gran Turismo 4, your car may turn much sharper than intended (causing oversteer) or, even worse, not respond at all, resulting in a crash.

Why is my SCUF stick sticking?

The first thing you’ll need to do would be to open up your controller and look for any debris underneath the analog stick using either a flashlight or a bright desk lamp.

Remove anything that seems questionable, especially if dirt/gunk has made its way into the crevasses between plastic components.

Clean the analog stick thoroughly and allow it to dry before reassembling your controller.

Suppose there is a lot of dirt underneath the analog stick which you cannot remove yourself. In that case.

I’d recommend taking it back to where you originally purchased your PS2/PS3 Slim or contacting Sony about replacing the controller entirely.

Can you replace SCUF sticks?

Yes! You can replace the sticks on your SCUF controller for a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new controller. You have to unscrew the old stick and screw in the new one.

Here’s how to do it:

First off, you need to make sure you have the right tools. A T8H screwdriver should come with your SCUF or bought at Radioshack.

They also sell Xbox 360 Torx screws as well as stick replacements. You can buy a T8H screwdriver & Xbox 360 Torx screwdriver set at Radioshack.

Next, undo the six screws on the back of your controller and remove the backplate with your hands or a flat head screwdriver.

CAUTION! Please do not use excessive force when removing the backplate. You only need to apply gentle pressure for it to pop off.

Be careful not to misplace any of the six screws that hold it in place either.

Now that you have removed the backplate take your T8H screwdriver and start removing all eight screws shown in red Xs below:

After removing all 8 of these, gently lift on the left stick. Here’s the part where you should be careful not to lose any parts.

Take your flat head screwdriver and gently skip out all four clips shown in red Xs below:

Once you’ve removed these, slide the left stick forward off of its rail system. You will then see the following once you remove the stick:

Locate the two screws that hold on your old stick caps. Place these aside for later use in reassembling your controller.

Remove both of these screws using either a T8H or Xbox 360 Torx screwdriver. They’re both included in the same size, so it doesn’t matter which one you use to unscrew them.

Then remove sticks by pulling straight up on the top until they come out.

Once you remove both sticks, screw in the new replacement sticks by re-inserting the original screws you took out during this process and screw them back on nice & tight.

Does Kontrolfreek work on SCUF?

No! SCUF controllers boast manufacture specifically for their products.

Playing with Kontrolfreek on SCUF interferes with the calibration of the thumbsticks and may also damage them in the process.

Some game developers, like Electronic Arts in Battlefield 4, specifically have code in certain places that require very specific controller setups to function properly.

With third-party modifications, you can cause interference issues, leading to faulty mechanics within these games.

If you are experiencing problems when playing Battlefield 4, it’s not EA/DICE’s fault.

Is domed or concave Thumbsticks better?

Some people swear by the concave thumbsticks on their controllers, while others prefer the domed style. So which one is better?

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each style to see which one comes out on top.

First, let’s talk about the design of each thumbstick. Domed thumbsticks are flat at the top, with a small rise in the middle to give your thumb something to rest against.

Concave thumbsticks have a bowl cut out of them so that you have a place for your thumb to sit and still have contact with the entire thumbstick.

A domed thumbstick allows faster movement but less precision than a concave one.

A domed stick also makes it more difficult to execute advanced moves such as the “circle jump” in Halo.

With a concave stick, your thumb fits into the indentation on the back of the stick.

Making it easier to do things like circle jumps and pull off other advanced techniques (though not necessarily better).

I find that with enough time and practice, you can accomplish any task on either type of thumbstick, though there is some cross-over between what works best for each style.

The material used in each thumbstick affects how well it performs and what kind of grip you’ll get from them.

Domed thumbsticks are typically hard plastic, providing a little more grip than the smooth plastic of a concave stick.

However, if you have sweaty or moist hands, this grip can become mitigated greatly. Concave sticks usually have a rubberized coating on them that not only feels better.

But also doesn’t wear your thumb out as much as a domed one would since it has more give to it.

So which is better? I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer a rubberized coated concave thumbstick’s feel and durability. But remember, there is no right answer here.

It all comes down to personal preference and what you’re used to using.

How do you increase thumbstick tension?

You can increase thumbstick tension by applying more force to the stick when you press it down. You can achieve this using many different methods, including:

  • Tape
  • Springs
  • Shaft covers (thumbstick grips)
  • Gluing or screwing extensions onto the thumbstick itself

Adding additional weight to the analog stick. The latter is probably the easiest method since it only requires one simple step and does not require any tools.

The most common way of adding weight to an analog stick is by simply sliding small metal weights into the hollow space.

Found inside various third-party Playstation 3 controller parts such as certain sticks and shells.

Metal weights are great because they are cheap and perfectly suitable for this application.

Good thing there are tons of them lying around on my desk, so no need to spend any money on them. If you’re gamers, you probably have some, too, so look around your desk for them.

Can you put Kontrol Freeks on Astro C40?

No! It is not compatible. To have the best performance with Astro’s C40 TR Controller.

I recommend using a custom mod kit that includes the Cirque TouchPad instead of the Kontrol Freek Vortex.

A custom mod kit helps perform at your best and supports Astro Gaming’s products. Any other product on the market may void your warranty and cause issues with your controller.

What are SCUF reactive paddles?

Yes! SCUF Infinity1 and Infinity4 controllers come with two adjustable reactive paddles that you can position to resemble the F1 and F2 buttons on an Xbox One controller.

They get designed to allow players faster access to commonly used actions in-game without taking their thumbs off the thumbsticks.

They work by binding a specific input to one or both of them, simulating the press of the corresponding face button (RB or RT).

In doing so, they will automatically ‘piano’ your thumbstick when pressed – sending very short bursts of input instead of long presses.

This enables you to quickly tap-tap them mid-battle from your grip hand’s resting position.

Do longer analog sticks help?

No! Long analog sticks don’t make any difference when playing. They are for your hands to look cool in a fighting game – you know, like when you do this:

Don’t become fooled into thinking that longer analog sticks will give you more precision and accuracy than the regular short ones.

It doesn’t matter how long or wide it is, they’re just circles, and no circle is better than the other.

There are even studies proving that there isn’t much difference between different sized/shaped sticks:

” The maximum force exerted by fingers is independent of stick length. “

” The results indicate that joystick design (i.e., the size of the joystick knob, base width, grip geometry, and shaft dimensions) has little influence on effective performance. “

How do you fix a sticky analog stick on Xbox one?

There are many ways to fix a sticky Xbox one analog stick;

You can use household items such as isopropyl alcohol, silicone spray, or even toothpaste (toothpaste works best out of the three). Here is what you need to do:

1) You must first pull off the analog stick cap on your Xbox One controller. This may be harder than it sounds; I found that using pliers worked well for this step.

2) Once you have removed the cap from the end of the controller.

Inspect it and try and figure out why your Xbox One analog stick is not working properly (i.e., “Why is my Xbox One Analog Stick Sticky?”).

3) If the rubber around the hole gets ripped or has any noticeable wear, you can choose to replace it.

The rubber piece boasts location at the end of the analog stick underneath the cap. If your controller analog stick rubber gets worn, you may be able to clean it.

4) Next, take some household isopropyl alcohol or even toothpaste and apply a small amount on an old clean cloth.

I recommend rubbing alcohol because it’s much easier to clean off if anything gets smudged onto it.

Rub/scrub/wipe around both sides of the analog stick rubber with your finger, cloth, toothbrush, etc. This should remove the stickiness from the rubber and make it as good as new.

5) After you have scrubbed away the stickiness on both sides of your analog stick rubber.

Clean off any excess dirt or stains on the rubber with new clothe soaked in either rubbing alcohol or toothpaste.

6) Finally, reassemble the analog stick cap onto your Xbox One controller by pushing the rubber back “into” the controller and aligning it with the screw hole.


If you’re looking for answers to your SCUF stick questions, then this post is just what you need.

I have given a general overview of the most common problems with all types of sticks and how you can fix them.

The best way to avoid these issues in the future is by having some preventative maintenance done on them before any problem arises.

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