Why Is My Schlage Keypad Lock Not Locking?

Why Is My Schlage Keypad Lock Not Locking?

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Why Is My Schlage Keypad Lock Not Locking?

A Schlage keypad lock is a door lock that does not need a traditional key to operate. Instead, you can open these locks by entering their pin code on the electronic keypad.

Schlage locks use four-digit numbers, and it’s possible to create up to 8 million different combinations of codes.

You can also purchase locks with increased security features, such as card-holding capability or fingerprint technology.

If you want to learn more about Schlage keypad lock, continue reading. but, Why is my Schlage keypad lock not locking?

Your Schlage keypad lock is not locking because it’s programmed to lock after a few minutes of inactivity. Once inactive, the Schlage keypad lock will start flashing, indicating that the system is becoming unlocked.

You can also see this process taking place directly on your lock screen by simply pressing the LOCK button and viewing the “active time” section.

This is a security feature built in to help reduce costs of lock failures that you could pick either by the lock itself or by a neighbor trying to enter your home.

If the keypad gets programmed for the wrong number of failed tries, you must correct your programming before using it.

In rare instances, you may program the keypad incorrectly to skip this process altogether and allow multiple failed attempts at input without locking.

According to Schlage keypad locks, the manufacturer recommends programming your Schlage keypad lock to unlock after 15 minutes of inactivity.

If you require a different delay, you can adjust this setting on your keypad in your “home settings” App.

You can also change it manually by pressing and holding the LOCK button on your Schlage keypad for about 30 seconds until it will flash and then begin locking again.

If you are still having issues with your Schlage keypad lock(Amazon Link) you may want to reset the lock. One can do it by following these steps:

If a programmable lock is at issue, take the battery out of it. (And if you don’t know how to do that, Google it. Wait 30 seconds.

Restart the device through normal means: plug in a USB cable or attach a battery pack.

If the keypad is not discovered or you cannot detect the lock, follow these steps beginning with step 5:

You will need to enter a 4-digit code to unlock your lock. If you have set up a password, enter it here.

  • Enter your four-digit code twice sequentially.
  • Set down the lock and wait 30 seconds.
  • Restart your device through normal means: plug in a USB cable or attach a battery pack.
  • Once the lock plugs in again, it will connect to your device, and you can use it normally.

Why Is My Schlage Keypad Not Lighting Up?

Your Schlage keypad is not lighting up because the batteries are dead. The batteries should last for almost one year, but if you’re not satisfied with the battery life.

You can buy a battery from the Schlage website. There is a .48-inch x .75-inch square that’s cut out of the side of the battery before installation for it to slide out easily when necessary.

You can also replace the batteries yourself; however, I have not done this to maintain the lifetime warranty on my units.

How Do You Break Into A Schlage Keypad Lock?

First, you’ll need to find the 8-digit code. If you’re lucky, it’s just a random number. If not, try cycling through possible combinations of four adjacent buttons until you get it right.

Once you’ve inputted the code correctly, press the “Enter” button on the keypad. The keypad will automatically open and expose the lock’s inner hidden chamber inside, located your prize.

Second, you’ll have to find a way to force the lock open. If you’ve got a screwdriver (or something similar, like a flathead).

Try inserting it into the keyhole and prying off the inner chamber.

If that fails to work, try forceful physical means such as hitting it with a hammer or using pliers to pull off the locking mechanism.

Third, you’ll need some power source with at least two attachments, one on either side of the power source.

The one on the left attaches to an outlet, and the one on the right gets inserted into your Schlage keypad lock.

Once you’ve found a viable power source, plug it in and wait for a short while. After that, immediately insert the power source into your lock.

The electricity should then flow through your lock, entering the hole on the right side of your keypad. This should cause your lock to open.

Fourth, you’ll need about $150 worth of electronics and coding experience. If you can’t code, find a friend with the required skills willing to help you.

Once you’ve got enough electronic know-how, start looking for a key that fits inside the lock.

Note: There are many Schlage locks out there, some of which have more than eight pins and thus need non-standard keys.

Which key you’re looking for depends on which type of lock(Amazon Link) you’re attempting to open.

Fifth, you’ll need a way to keep your prize safe. I recommend using a magnetic device. I use it from “Universal Lock Company” (ULC).

Finally, you’ll need to find a way to hide it. You can’t leave it sitting out in your house in case someone decides to snoop on you and finds it where it’s not supposed to be.

I recommend attaching it to a metal door or wall, away from the sight of normal eyes.

Why Does My Schlage Lock Blink Orange?

Many different things could be causing your lock to blink orange. Here are a few of the reasons:

Your batteries may need replacement. To ensure you have fresh, working batteries, flip the lock over and remove the four screws holding it in place.

Take the 3 AA batteries out and replace them with new ones. Ensure that they’re not touching each other and lined up correctly with their corresponding battery slots.

Then put the lock back together and test it out.

You might need to re-synchronize your Lock and your App. One way to do this is to pair the lock with your smartphone again.

To do this, remove the batteries, put them back in and pair the lock to your smartphone again.

There may be a problem with your lock’s connection to your WiFi. To check if there is a problem on the WiFi end, reset your router and try again.

If that does not help, unplug your lock for about 30 seconds and plug it in again. If that does not help, you may need to update the firmware on your lock.

Ensuring you download the correct firmware version for your lock is essential. If not, it may damage your lock and render it unusable.

It’s recommended that you take your lock to a locksmith if you need help with this that can do this for you.

You may have incorrectly installed the batteries in the lock, which could cause your app to be unable to connect to it.

Make sure you seat the battery slide firmly into place, and ensure they’re all connected and not touching one another.

Why Is My Schlage Keypad Lock Not Locking?

You could break the lock, or this could be a hardware issue. When this happens, you will probably need to replace the lock altogether.

Why Is My Schlage Lock Not Connecting?

Your Schlage lock is not connecting because the WiFi password on your keychain changed.

Your Schlage lock is not connecting because your keychain is too far away from the main body of your lock. You might have a broken keychain that needs replacement.

Maybe you need to get a new WiFi password for your lock, or you might need to replace the batteries on the wireless receiver for it to connect with the Schlage My Key App.

The first thing I need to do is completely understand why the WiFi password on your keychain changed. This is the usual cause of problems with your Schlage lock not connecting.

What do I mean? If you have added a new WiFi password to your lock keychain, you need to update the password on your keychain.

This will enable the WiFi connection between your smart lock and your phone or tablet. I will tell you how to do this in just a moment.

What if my password has changed, but I have not added a new one? If you have not added a new WiFi password on your keychain, then you should:

  • Go to the Apple or Android App store and find the Schlage My Key App for your phone or tablet.
  • Sign in with the same email address used to register your lock.
  • Click on the “Settings” button in the top right-hand corner of your Schlage My Key App. Select from “Password”, “WiFi”, or “Bluetooth”.

This will change the password to your lock if you need to do so. Click the “Save Changes” button that you can find at the bottom right-hand corner of your Schlage My Key App screen.

If that does not fix any problems with your Schlage lock not connecting, then you might need to get a new Wi-Fi password for your smart lock.

This will also need you to update the Wi-Fi password on your keychain.

Can You Bump Schlage Locks?

Yes. If you try to open a door that is out of range or try to force an unlocked door by using a crowbar, for example, you may bump the door.

In this situation, the mechanical lock mechanism remains unlocked and can be manually opened with a key.

If the locked button on the keychain fails to release when it’s pushed, this means that there is no power supplied from the battery in your Schlage knob device.

Insert the key into the lock again, and the button will release.

Can You Rekey A Schlage Lock Without The Original Key?

Yes. You can rekey a Schlage lock without the original key, but no locksmith can do it. You need a licensed locksmith to work on a Schlage lock and have the right tools for the job.

The process will take time and need more than one visit from the locksmith, but it’s possible.

Most importantly, you need to ensure that your home or place of business is safe from theft before replacing your keyed lock with a master-keyed one.

For example, you can use Master Lock(r) 2-1/8 inch deadbolt locks or a Master Lock(r) electronic deadbolt lock.

If you’re replacing your keyed lock with an electronic lock, ensure that the unit has certification and meets the required ANSI/BHMA standards for electronic locks.

You can’t just pick up a master key at any hardware store and start rekeying your lock. You must have a certification and warranty from the company that makes the lock.

Master Lock(r) electronic locks are usually certified, and they come with a five-year warranty.

How Do I Connect My Schlage To My Iphone?

To connect your Schlage to your iPhone, you should download the Schlage App. The Schlage app is available for all iOS devices and downloaded from any Apple App Store link.

This step will allow you and your iPhone to take advantage of a wide range of benefits when using your Schlage system.

To download the App to your iOS device, follow these simple steps:

1. Tap on the App Store icon displayed on your iOS device or download it from a web page.

2. Find the Schlage app and tap on it to open it.

3. The application will download and install on your iPhone.

4. The Schlage App will display the Schlage logo and information. The logo and information will display on the lock screen of your iPhone.

5. When you are in a well-lit area, be sure to use your phone’s flashlight by tapping on the light bulb icon located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

6. When you are ready to lock or unlock your door, swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen and select either “Lock” or “Unlock.”

7. Your iPhone will wirelessly connect to your Schlage system and control your door.

8. If you would like to close the App, swipe down from the top edge of your screen and select “Close.”


Schlage keypad lock is a great device for giving your home a smart and desirable look. It operates like a wireless keypad, perfect for those who prefer to have a hands-free experience.

It’s also ideal for homeowners looking to upgrade their current lock set up without spending too much money on new replacements.

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