Why Is My Kwikset Lock Not Unlocking?

Why Is My Kwikset Lock Not Unlocking?

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Why Is My Kwikset Lock Not Unlocking?

If you’ve heard people mention that they have a Kwikset lock but aren’t sure what it does, this post is for you.

I will look at what locks are and how Kwikset locks work to help you better understand the basics of how these devices work. You should know all about Kwikset locks by the end of this article.

Kwikset locks are commonly found in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. These locks serve as a great way for company’s or homeowners to increase their level of security.

Kwikset locks employ various functions to ensure safety, including keypad entry and biometric identification. But,Why Is My Kwikset Lock Not Unlocking?

Your Kwikset lock is not unlocking because of a few specific reasons. your key is not turning the cylinder properly, the cylinder might have broken or damaged, the key may not be the correct one for your Kwikset lock.

Other reasons include:

  • You may need to replace the lockset to get it working correctly again
  • There may be an issue with the locking mechanism on your door frame
  • Your Kwikset lock has jammed because of dirt, moisture, too much lubricant, or debris stuck in it
  • There might be an issue with the key itself; it cannot turn correctly or gets broken in half.
  • The Kwikset lock has lost its lubricant and is not working properly
  • Your cylinder has damaged/broken/bent out of shape/jammed in your Kwikset lock

How does one open a Kwikset lock with a dead battery?

You can open a Kwikset lock with a dead battery by using the right key. The key will work because it needs to be in safety for “90 seconds” before it pops open.

This is something that you can accomplish by inserting the key when the battery is dead (with either the push button open or closed).

For this option, make sure you are not holding onto anything else when inserting the key, as it may cause your grip to come loose.

So, if the dead battery trick doesn’t work for you, the next step is to remove the cover from your Kwikset lock.

It should pop off relatively easily unless there is a lot of corrosion on the screws.

Then make sure you have some excellent light and a strong flashlight because you need to see which screws you are working with.

If needed, use a Phillips screwdriver to take out each screw.

You’ll be very surprised how much dust you can find in your locks at the bottom of baseboards or tuck into your recessed cabinets.

Next, you have to remove the two screws at the top and bottom of the lock.

Then you need to pry off a piece of the cover that will give you access to a small slot or hole on top of your key aligned with one side of your lock cylinder.

With the cover removed, you will see one or two screws that hold the “shell” of your lock-up. Those screws can be easily removed with a Phillips screwdriver if needed.

After removing those, rest the bottom edge of your key in that little slot and turn the key counterclockwise.

While sliding it forward and backwards through the space to pop open that side of your Kwikset lock.

One can also use a flathead screwdriver to pry off a plate section that gives you access to this slot if needed.

The last step is to remove the “shell” of your lockout from the door or cabinet that you are working with.

If it’s stuck, try using a thin flathead screwdriver to pry off the rest of the cover that may be covering it. or

If you have removed all screws and prying fails, use a hammer and carefully tap it out.

How Does One Change The Battery In A Kwikset Keypad Lock?

You can change the battery in a Kwikset keypad lock by following these easy steps:

– Locate the cell cover on the back of the keypad.

– Unscrew and remove it by turning counterclockwise with a quarter turn.

– Remove the old battery from its compartment.

– Place a new battery into its compartment and screw it in place with a quarter-turn clockwise.

– Replace the cell cover onto the back of the keypad by turning counterclockwise with a quarter turn.

Can You Use Rechargeable Batteries In The Kwikset Lock?

Yes. Kwikset locks are battery-powered so that any battery will work in the lock. You’ll probably need either AA or AAA batteries, depending on the size of the lock.

However, if you go through many batteries, a smart choice would be to buy rechargeable batteries like AA or D batteries.

These are still used in most electronics today and will save you money in the long term.

With that said, do not use any alkaline battery with Kwikset locks(Amazon Link)–only nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion (Li-ion) are compatible.

Also, you must use the same type of rechargeable battery when charging your batteries.

For example, if you change the batteries in a Kwikset AccuSet deadbolt, that lock will not work with any other type of battery.

So, if you have an older lock and want to switch to either lithium or NiMH batteries, you’ll need to take it off the door before replacing the batteries with any other type of battery.

Why Is My Kwikset Lock Beeping?

Your Kwikset lock is beeping because it’s overheated. Like other smart locks, Kwikset locks let you know when something is wrong with them.

The two main reasons for the lock beeping at you are battery life and temperature. The common signs displayed by the lock are:

1. Battery life: The most common reason for your Kwikset lock(Amazon Link) beeping is that you have not changed the batteries in a long time.

The batteries in the locks last ten years to last 3-5 years on average. After this time, they will overheat and start beeping to notify you that it needs fresh batteries.

2. Temperature: Though the lock will not beep at you for this issue, Kwikset has designed a feature that will prevent the lock from locking to protect it from damage caused by overheating.

This is most common in extremes of heat or cold.

One other cause for a Kwikset lock beeping is that you are using a too-long code (15 characters or above).

However, it seems that is not the cause of beeping, as I have used codes between 10 and 15 characters in length with no adverse effects.

Does Kwikset 913 Have Z Wave?

Yes. Kwikset 913 has Z wave technology. This means that the Kwikset 913 can communicate with and be well controlled by a Z wave electric security system.

For example, you could set your Kwikset 913 to notify you if someone opened or tampered with it.

Or, you could use your Kwikset 913 to control the lights inside your home or even control an air conditioning unit in the future.

Is Kevo Z-Wave Compatible?

Yes. Kevo has undergone the latest firmware update that increases its Z-Wave compatibility. More and more new devices are being released with Z-Wave compatibility.

Kevo maintains this trend by upgrading its Smart Lock to make it compatible with these newly released devices.

In addition to improving upon its compatibility with newer products, Kevo’s latest firmware upgrade also comes in at a lower cost than its predecessor – the Kevo 3 Plus.

The price difference allows older models to upgrade and save money on their purchases.

Kevo’s upgrade to its latest firmware also gave users new features. New features include:

The Z-Wave integration allows Kevo owners to add more devices to their home goods without losing any of the advantages and functions of their smart lock.

The newest models available can be directly added through your mobile device and locked within seconds.

The other models have an update to have the same Z-Wave compatibility as the newest ones.

The new Z-Wave technology is also able to enable new functions such as:

Remote control: With Kevo’s newest generation Smart Lock, you can remotely unlock your front door through your smartphone’s App.

This means you can unlock your door when you leave home and lock it when you come back – all with a push of a button. Remotely unlock your door when you arrive home.

By default, this feature is off in the App, but you can automatically change it to activate whenever you are within range.

Notifications: You can now receive notifications whenever someone unlocks your door using your lock in the App.

This is great for when you have a guest over and want to know who it is before they leave. You can turn the notifications off if you do not wish to receive them.

Home Cameras: Kevo’s newest generation lock is also compatible with home cameras. You can view who is at your door and unlock it for them even when away from home.

All that Kevo requires is for the camera to be WiFi-connected.

Does Kwikset Work With Homekit?

Yes. Kwikset premise boasts compatibility with home kit for remote access, locking, unlocking, and thermostat commands.

Kwikset also has the widest range of compatibility with other internet-enabled devices, including Wink, LockState, ADT Security Services, and many more.

Make your Kwikset Smart Lock part of a fully connected home. Using the Kwikset, API developers can also create Apps that remotely control Kwikset locks using HomeKit;

Or other APIs such as Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Now, and even IFTTT.

Does Google homework with Kwikset?

Yes. It’s possible to lock your Kwikset with a Google Home. Just follow these simple steps to make it happen:

1) Press the button on your Kwikset handle, then press the left and right buttons at the same time for three seconds.

The siren should sound twice, followed by a pause for two seconds. Make sure no one is home so you can lock up safely.

2) On your Google Home, say “Ok Google” and then “Locksmith.” You’ll get a voice prompt with options for getting help, setting up an appointment, and a general voice search.

This will bring up the Locksmith app, which is a locksmith app that works with your Kwikset.

4) Follow the prompts to get set up with your Kwikset SmartCode and PIN on the phone to authorize your new smart lock for the first time.

This will also allow the Locksmith App to learn the lock’s features.

5) From now on, you can ask Google Home to lock your Kwikset without even taking out your phone. When you do this, it will lock your Kwikset for a minute or so.

You can extend that time by asking it to “lock for 1 hour” or “lock for 5 hours.” It’ll go back to 30 seconds if you don’t say anything.

Once you’re ready to unlock your door, say “Ok Google” and then “unlock Kwikset.”

Also, you can control other features of the Kwikset SmartCode, like setting up temporary codes for guests. Just say things like:

“Ok, Google, give guest access for 5 hours.”

“Ok, Google, set temporary code myKwikset.com.”

“Ok, Google, cancel temporary code myKwikset.com.”

The app will even make it easy to lock and unlock with your voice:

“Ok, Google, lock Kwikset.”

“Ok, Google, unlock Kwikset.

“Ok, Google, set temporary code for Sally.”

“Ok, Google, cancel the temporary code for Sally.”

Does Kwikset work with ADT?

Yes. Kwikset Z-wave locks work with ADT Pulse. They’re one of the most trustworthy brands in the security industry.

For this to be effective, you must use Smartcode 888 or 914, 916P, or 916M passcodes with your Kwikset Z-wave lock.

These are the only three codes that work with ADT Pulse and the only two ways to access them.

Why Is My Kwikset Lock Not Unlocking?

So you will need to contact ADT directly to get these codes if you’re going to use a Kwikset Z-wave lock for your home security.

Does Kwikset work with SimpliSafe?

Yes. Kwikset devices will work with SimpliSafe. You can enable your Kwikset locks as a hardware backup.

Which means that if your alarm system is offline or not responding, the Kwikset lock’s keypad will still function as a keyless entryway to your home.

Many of SimpliSafe’s systems offer the ability to arm and disarm via Z-Wave. The system can send a push notification to your smartphone.

SimpliSafe offers the ability to arm and disarms via the Kwikset Web Service, which you’d configure from your home page.

To complete setup, you’ll need to provide a user name and password for the account on your Kwikset smart lock.

How do I connect my ADT to Kwikset?

You can connect your ADT to Kwikset by following these steps.

1. Before you start, test your Z-wave hub. There may be a Smart Keypad Connected Momentarily option on your ADT panel for this purpose.

You can also connect manually in the Home app or on your call history page in the web app.

2. Make sure to plug in both external access points that come with Kwikset Connect;

or install them if you’re replacing a deadbolt or door lock with new hardware from this manufacturer (e.g., Yale, Weiser, Baldwin.

3. Open the Kwikset Connect App and select Add Device. If you need a PIN, use 4 0 2 5 0 (4 digit PIN = 4 zero 2 five 0). When prompted for a name for this device, type in “Kwikset.”

4. Select hub name: SmartThings (STL) and enter your Z-Wave network’s username and password.

5. Once connected, navigate to your new device in the Kwikset Connect app and choose Advanced.

6. If you want to use Z-wave locks with your ADT panel and SmartThings hub, you’ll need to add the device type ADT / Kwikset – Smart Lock (STL) in the Advanced settings.

7. In the Security section, add a new lock to your ADT panel by tapping the magnifying glass icon (next to Add) and typing in your four-digit PIN. Select ADT / Kwikset – Smart Lock (stl).


I hope that I have answered all your questions about Kwikset and understand it. You can now buy one from the nearest local store and comfortably use it at home.

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