Does Fitbit Ionic Need A SIM Card?

Does Fitbit Ionic Need A SIM Card?

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Does Fitbit Ionic Need A SIM Card?

The Fitbit ionic is the latest device released by Fitbit. It’s a smartwatch with many features, including tracking your daily activity, heart rate, and sleep.

It also includes GPS tracking and water resistance up to 50 meters. The ionic can also store music and sync with your phone.

No! Fitbit ionic and other models of smartwatches do not need a SIM card to operate. It has its built-in Wi-Fi chip for internet connectivity, Allowing you to operate independently of your smartphone.

Most smartphones (including iPhones) only have one built-in SIM card slot for phone calls and data transfer via cellular networks.

Therefore, to add another service like wireless data or satellite radio without sacrificing phone functionality, they must transmit across separate hardware components.

That’s where the Wi-Fi chip comes into play – it allows Fitbit ionic to operate independently of your smartphone so you can stay connected.

Even if your phone is in airplane mode or turned off. With the wireless capability of ionic.

You can listen to over 300 songs on your wrist and stream music from Pandora, Deezer, iHeartRadio & more without having to take your smartphone out of airplane mode (when switched on).

You can also download playlists for offline playback when running or cycling without carrying both devices.

You don’t need a SIM card in Fitbit ionic since it has its Wi-Fi chip to connect directly with internet services when needed.

And when your phone is close enough for Bluetooth pairing – like during a call – it will automatically sync, so you never miss anything important.

Does A Smartwatch Have To Have A SIM Card?

No! A SIM card is not necessary for the connectivity of a smartwatch, but if your carrier’s data allowance gets consumed quickly or it becomes difficult to receive notifications.

At the same time, you will need an active SIM card to stay connected away from your phone.

If you choose to purchase a smartwatch to make calls, texts, and emails from your wrist without a SIM card, it will require an integrated wireless technology such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

If you’re interested in this, I recommend checking with your network carrier to see if they support this feature on their network.

For those who are happy receiving notifications but don’t need to make calls or send messages directly from their watch.

Smartwatches that have built-in 3G/4G LTE connectivity that allow you to stay connected using smaller data packages that consume less battery life on your watch.

Can Fitbit Play Music Without A Phone?

Blaze can play music without a phone. But you need to sync your songs to Fitbit Blaze. All you need is to download the FitStar App.

There are two options for this. The first one is Sync Solver or MusicOnCode.

You can also use the Fitbit Blaze(Amazon Link) for heart rate monitoring notifications, step tracking, and much more. With this feature.

You can leave your phone at home when you go jogging or to the gym.

Fitbit Blaze is available in both men’s and women’s collections with multiple band colors, sizes, and styles to choose from.

Including leather bands and stainless steel accessories to suit your personal preference.

Fitbit Blaze has a GPS fitness tracker, which can track all your activities during your workout, like walking, running, or jogging.

You can also sync Fitbit Blaze with the music playing application on your phone to listen to songs while working out.

Fitbit Surge is not compatible with music Apps, but if you want headphones, it comes with a headphone jack built-in so you can plug in and go.

Besides that, both of these products are available in multiple-band colors, sizes, and styles, including leather bands and stainless steel accessories.

The only difference between the two is that FitBit Surge tracks heart rate 24/7, whereas Fitbit blaze does not have this option.

I hope this clarifies any confusion about Fitbit Blaze’s if you can play music without a phone.

Does Fitbit Require Cellular Data?

Yes! Fitbit requires cellular data for products on the Verizon network. If you do not have a cellular plan with Verizon, your device will give you an error when it can’t find a connection.

If you are on another network, check if your provider boasts support. If they are not, contact them to request Fitbit connectivity.

If you don’t have cellular service or want to test whether you do, enter an address in your GPS App. If you can get directions, it means that your phone gets connected to Verizon.

Can You Use A Fitbit Without A Subscription?

Yes! Fitbit is a free download, so you have the opportunity to use the App before you sign up for an account.

As long as your device gets synced with your Fitbit account, you can still access all of the data it tracks when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Your tracker will store your historical data in flash memory until it’s in range of either network again.

If you know that you’ll be without internet service for more than four days, however, I recommend restoring your tracker through a Windows or OS X computer instead of using mobile mode.

When restored on a computer, Fitbit trackers get set up with an empty cloud archive by default.

If no local changes to the tracker between restoring and re-syncing, no data will get lost. If the tracker goes out of range, it can get lost before syncing with the servers again.

If you’ve restored on mobile mode, I recommend that you connect your Fitbit device to Wi-Fi or cellular data immediately after restoring.

If not, some of your historical data may get lost when your device goes out of range.

Further, if you are away from home for an extended period without access to either network, I recommend setting up a different tracker or mobile device in advance.

You can restore this second device with the latest backup before it goes out of range so that you continue to have access to all historical data in Fitbit.

Can Fitbit Answer Calls Without A Phone?

Yes! You can answer Fitbit Charge HR or Surge calls by swiping the touchscreen.

You will see who is calling Fitbit Charge HR/Surge because the caller ID will display once your phone rings, but you won’t talk through it.

If you receive a call while working out, swipe the screen to silence the incoming call and send it directly to voicemail.

To turn off all calls (except for alarms), select the gear icon in the Clock face > Menu > Calls.

On your iPhone, if your Fitbit device gets set up with an Android smartphone for wireless syncing, go into Phone settings > Bluetooth.

Then enable both back-end communication and front-end communication (to the Fitbit device).

Then your phone will be able to communicate with your Fitbit using Bluetooth so that you can answer calls.

Do Fitbits Work With All Phones?

Yes! Fitbit will work with all smartphones. It boasts support on the following phones:

iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus; Motorola Moto X; Samsung Galaxy 4, 5 series; HTC One (M7), One (M8); Blackberry Z10 and Q10.

You can use an iPod Touch for other variants or unsupported devices instead.

To get started, download the Fitbit App from your App store onto your phone – Android users click here. Or go to for iPhone owners or Android owners.

You can also use a desktop computer to set up your Fitbit. Once you have completed setting up your account and syncing your Fitbit with your phone or PC.

You will be able to see your progress on the “Dashboard” of their website.

To sync Fitbits, make sure they are within 20 ft of the device with your Fitbit account and that both devices have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

You can also plug in your Fitbit with a USB cable to any computer. It would help if you didn’t disconnect from the Wi-Fi while still syncing.

Is There A Fitbit Charge 5 Coming Out?

Yes! Fitbit has confirmed that they are coming out with a new version of the Fitbit Charge, the Charge 5. It is likely to come out in September 2021.

Some of the rumored features are that it will be waterproof, which would make it the first Fitbit to be waterproof.

It will also include an oxygen saturation sensor, allowing people with sleep apnea to wear it while they sleep to monitor their oxygen levels.

There is some speculation that there might be a non-HR version of the Charge 5 coming out.

Can Fitbit Sense Respond To Texts?

Yes! Fitbit’s Surge, Blaze, and Charge HR can respond to texts using its in-built messaging features.

Fitbit Surge texts: This model comes with a “smart” wristband with an in-built speaker for calls and music control; and a text alert feature.

Using the Fitbit App, you will need to ensure your iPhone gets synced before sending a message.

You’ll then be able to send both custom and preset messages by tapping on the screen or speaking into it.

Be warned, though; it can’t read back any incoming texts, so you have to look at your phone every time there’s a new notification.

This model doesn’t have a speaker, so you’ll need your phone nearby to respond to texts.

You can also use the Fitbit App to create custom or preset messages which you’ll then be able to send using the device’s touch screen.

These text responses boast limitations, though, so for example, it can only send “Yes” and “No” answers.

Can You Have A Fitbit Account Without A Fitbit?

Yes! It’s possible to have a Fitbit account without a Fitbit device with a few extra steps.

When you create a Fitbit account with the help of your actual fitness tracker, you will get asked to enter information about yourself and your physical characteristics (age, weight, etc.).

This data remains empty as long as you don’t connect your tracker with the website or the App.

You can still use all Apps and websites completely anonymously if you choose not to link them to your tracker.

However, some features won’t work properly without completing this step, e. g. challenges or earning badges.

So, first things first: You need to connect your tracker with the website or the Fitbit App.

When you open up either of these on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, they will ask you to enter details about yourself.

The device prompts for this information when you turn it on for the first time and whenever you restart it. It’s very important not to skip this step.

Only if all information about you has proper registration can more detailed data get recorded.

Keep these details empty if you want to connect the device with your official Fitbit account. Then everything will work fine, and you can use all Apps and websites anonymously.

You can still measure some things, such as heart rate (if it’s capable of that), but you cannot link data to an actual person in this case, so no one knows who they belong to.

If not tied down with an account, all information gets saved anonymously on the server.

The most important thing: Do not forget to create a new user profile in the settings menu after each restart.

Does Fitbit Ionic Need A SIM Card?

Otherwise, all data recorded by the fitness tracker will only be available for this initial session and later deleted.

So, do not skip any step and always create a new profile with the first start of the device.

Can Fitbit track steps in your pocket?

This is simple! But there are some extra rules to keep it fair between people who have differing levels of comfort when it comes to wearing tight clothing in public:

If you are wearing tight pants, a skirt, etc., you cannot simply shove the device into your pocket or purse to “fly under the radar” – everyone must be equally uncomfortable in public.

You must have the Fitbit on you throughout the whole day for this test. If I see it come out during a meal, that is not an invalid result.

Does Fitbit Count Steps If Arms Aren’t Moving?

Yes! Fitbit can’t record that as a step if your arms aren’t moving. However, if your arms are swinging while you’re walking, the number of steps recorded is an overestimate.

Here’s why:

Fitbit’s tracking algorithm needs 2 points to define a line segment. The second point can be either from another arm swing or when one foot hits the ground after the other foot.

When both feet hit the ground in succession, no second point is available for “walking” purposes, so steps don’t boast count.

However, Fitbit’s algorithm counts arm swings during walking because our research shows that these swings also provide meaningful activity information.

Divide walking into strides. I define Stride as one full cycle of an arm swinging forward, then backward.

A step gets detected when a stride starts, meaning the device detects a point where one foot hits the ground after the other.

Therefore, if your arms are swinging while you’re walking, Fitbit counts those arm swings as strides, not as steps.

So, Fitbit may overcount steps during some portion of the day if you walk with your arms swinging more than necessary to offset gravity and maintain balance.

In this case, each arm swing does provide meaningful activity information.


Fitbit ionic and other models of smartwatches do not need a SIM card to operate. This means that you can still use your watch without an internet connection or even an active phone line.

If you unlock it, you may use the device with another service provider, but this will depend on how old it’s and what both providers support network bands.

All in all, though, there’s no reason why you should ever have any downtime due to a lack of connectivity when using one of these devices.

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